Upcoming Asia-Pacific Event to Explore Booming Market for Smart Wearable Devices

Duxes is pleased to announce the launch of the Smart Wearable Device Asia Pacific Summit 2020 (SWAP), that will take place from January 9-10. This upcoming event aims to meet the latest demands of companies in the smart wearable device market, shedding light on current hot topics, industry concerns and the latest innovations.

The market for smart wearable devices has experienced a strong boom since the end of the 90s. Shipments of smart wearable devices even saw a thousand-fold increase between 2012 and 2018, and the market value is expected to reach US$42bn by the end of this year, indicating a bright future for the sector.

Despite the obvious opportunities available, numerous challenges such as hardware design, data accuracy, customer loyalty and suitability of user scenarios still exist. Thanks to the promotion and development of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and big data, the smart wearable device industry is ready for another revolution. SWAP 2020 will bring deep insights into trends, technology development and investment prospects, and help market players achieve better business growth.

This 2-day event will explore China and Asia-Pacific market trends and the latest smart wearable devices and associated technologies, to help professionals and enterprises identify effective business models and areas for investment.

The summit will explore a full range of 20 topics with an emphasis on medical health. The addition of panel discussions, hardware and software solution explanations, and product displays at the event, all make SWAP 2020 a first-class exchange platform for the speakers and audiences. Professionals working in wearable devices, functional raw materials, components and accessories, and related fields are invited to attend.

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